Topic: Conflict resolution

What typical conflicts do you experience in sports?
How does the competitive aspect trigger conflicts and aggressive behaviour? What options do you have to handle these situations? Are they at all helpful in the frame of sport for all?
How are conflicts treated in (sport) teams?
What type of conflict person are you?
What tools/solutions do you know to handle conflict situations? Are they successful? If yes, how? If not, why?

Conflict resolution is a core social skill you need to participate in everyday life. It is not only the way how you handle conflicts, but also the attitude to conflict situations in general, because it determines how you (re-)act to them. This topic combined with ETS offers many angles to develop that skill. Conflicts are very common on the sport field, because of the competitive aspect of sport itself. The hierarchy on the sport field is often undermined (e.g. referees) and that easily leads to conflicts as well. Any sport activity can provide an excellent source for learning about rules, structures, conflicts and their solutions.