Topic: Cultural diversity

How is it possible to make diversity visible in society?
With what attitude do you need to approach diversity within a group?
What benefit do you get by diversity within a group/within society?
What does diversity mean if you perform as a (sports) team? How can sport activities build peace and intercultural dialogue?

A diversity-conscious approach aims to make all individual backgrounds visible and use them to create the best possible result within a group – basically, the ones which are not connected to typical attributions like nation, social status andethnic belonging. Therefore this topic can easily be connected to a discussion about individual strengths and weaknesses by showing how groups can perform to their full potential by appreciating individual and cultural diversity. It does not mean that individual needs have priority, but that the setting you offer is accessible to everyone. Diversity is closely connected to the way in which you use and offer methods. The objective is to make them as open as possible. Participants should recognise the full potential of the group. In relation to ETS you can draw the connection from the small group to society in general.