Topic: Human rights

What human rights can you replicate in a sport activity?
How can sport enhance human rights? What relations are there in access to human rights and sport? Do you know stories where sport gave access to exercise human rights?
Why are human rights important in our modern world? What are the human rights for sportspersons in sport?
How can sport combat racism and other forms deprivation of rights? How does sport support equality based on gender identity and sexual orientation?
What are the special rights of children in relation to sport?
What is the role of human rights in sport and sport in human rights?

Basically any of the human rights (civil and political rights, economic-social-cultural rights and solidarity rights) can be easily connected to ETS. Sport activities offer situations where the access to these rights and their deprivation can be experienced and understood. The greatest challenge is to reach an understanding that even if these rights are not accessible to all in real life, they do exist for every human being. A sport activity can replicate a real life situation where some of the members of the community cannot exercise certain rights. Another important learning challenge is to make the learners understand that the rights of someone can only be provided by the other. “My rights end where the right of another person starts.”