Topic: Social inclusion, discrimination

How does society create roles and identities?
How dependent are we regarding these roles?
Do we see a chance to change our roles as such? If yes, how? If not, why?
What roles are important to you? What roles are important to others?
What roles should be supported in society in general?
How does society support social inclusion? How does it fight discrimination?
What experiences do you want to share with the group regarding these two topics?
How can sport change social roles?

By using this topic you have the opportunity to discuss the roles and identities participants have regarding different social spheres they are part of, being e.g. a son, a sportswoman, a disabled person, a migrant, a roaming person. It is worthwhile to challenge the structures within our society that undermine social inclusion or foster discrimination. Usually regarding these topics participants have individual experiences they can share with the group. It is very easy to connect different social roles to roles in sport and with a bit of creativity you can always challenge participants with putting different roles in a collective sport game.